These are the most common question's we are ask about doing a fundraiser with vinyl decals. We hope this will also help answer your questions.

Q: I'd like to know about the decals, how there made and apply etc? 

A: This answer is more complex to put into a sentence. We want you to know exactly what your getting and we feel it's more informing to visit our page about the decals, for a detail example. Click Here to View Now 

Q: How do I go about setting up a pre-order form and do you have one I can use?

A: Your welcome to create anything you want that may work for you. We do offer a very easy pre-built form that is made in Google docs. The form can be modified in any way to fit your needs. Also it is very easy to add the decal images from our website to the form. This is built with Google docs because it's available to every one and free to use. To get the form and how to use instructions, go to the main fundraising page on this site to find link.  

Q: We want to order a decal like the image on the website, but with our name on top etc. Is this a custom decal?

A: As long as it's the same decal design and layout of a decal offered on the website than it's still considered a stock design.

Q: We have a design we would like to use. Do you make decals custom from our design / logo. And how do we go about this process?

A: The short answer is yes we do this. You will either want single color plotter cut decals or a full color digital printed decal. First step is email us a sample picture to view if you have one or even a quick drawing will work to convey your ideas. We really want you to look at our decal page that explains types of decals. This may help you understand the best process for your design. We also would like the best quality art files you have.

Q: Can you provide us with a sample?

A:  We can provide a sample image by email of your design or if your time frame allows we can mail you the actual sample decal.

Q: OK, we have orders, what's the next step to place the orders with you?

A: If your decals are versions of our stock decals, than you can process your order online with through our cart system.

Q: Our decal is our custom design, how do we go about ordering it?

A: We can build a private page on our site with your image just for your group.

Q: Can parents with multiple kids in one group, team, school etc. have more than one name on decal?

A: Yes multiple names can be place on same decal.

Q: Our school name is long, will it fit on the decal?

A: Yes if need be we will make it in two lines. 

Q: Can we email or fax a list to you?

A: We really do not prefer this, but if it's approved buy us to do so before hand, than we can work from a well organized list layout. Make sure writing is very clear.

Q: Is there a minimum order required?

A: As long as your a group, team, club, school etc. The is no minimum. We don't allow 1-2 decals purchased at discount pricing. You will only see retail pricing on this website. So it's required to register to place your order and receive the discount prices. Once you register you will have to notify us by email, phone. We will than manually approve your discount access. One logged in the prices will be lower.

Q: How long does it take to receive our decals after the order is placed?

A: Typical production time is 3-5 working days. Larger orders may need more time. We highly recommend placing your orders as soon as possible to allow any delays in production or shipping. If you have a must have by date, please let us know this. We ship most order USPS Priority mail 3-4 days ship time.

Q: How much does shipping cost?

A: There's a min. shipping of $2.50 for parcel mail, this for only for small orders, like 2-5 decals. Priority for the average order will cost approx. $5.50 - $9.50 large orders approx. $12.50 Express shipping is approx. $25.00

Q: My order has arrived but there's 1 or 2 errors, miss spellings etc. what do I do about this?

A: This does happen and the fault of both us and the customer. Any errors on our behalf are corrected at no cost, custom is responsible for replacement cost for there errors. Please report errors promptly by calling us or emailing us with your details and corrections. Please do not send them back. We will get all correction replaced promptly.

Q: Re-Ordering?

A: once your a custom and have login access to discount pricing. You can re-order with no minimums at anytime. If your order was a custom design, buy request we can create you your own order page with just your decal design/s and we will give you a private url to access it. This makes the re-order process fast and simple.






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