Plotter Cut Vinyl Decals

 These are the most popular style decal you see on vehicles. They are typically a one color design. They are cut from roll vinyl on a plotter / cutter machine, than hand weeded. Plotter cut decals require more labor than printed decals. Pricing can go up for larger sizes, but sometimes they can be more costly when smaller and have more details. This makes them more difficult to make.

 If you have a design you want made in plotter cut decals. First the art file must be vector ( a file that is not flattened like jpg. or bmp. ) more like an original eps. ai. corel etc. Your design must be very simple and basic with not many small details and try not to have the overall size very small. These decals have no background clear or color, the surface behind will show through cut out area of decal.

Example of Plotter Cut Decal Process


Four Color Process Digital Printed Decals



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