firearm transfers

  The transfer of firearms through shipping from state to state, is not as complicated as you may think. Legal firearm transfers must ship from FFL to FFL only. If you purchased a firearm online. We can accept your shippment and complete the transfer for you. All firearms shipped to us must comply with state laws and our type 01 FFL. If your not sure the firearm is legal in West Virgina please contact us. (Most firearms are legal in WV).

  All firearms shipped to us must be coming from another current FFL holder. Once you have setup you purchase, contact us with your invoice copy for your purchase and which should include FFL contact info. We will contact the seller and get to them a copy of our FFL. The seller must ship the firearm to the address of our FFL location. Once the firearm arrives at our busuiness we will contact you to come in to complete the transfer process.

  In order to complete the transfer process, we need you to complete the 4473 form for background check, once approved you will have complete possession of your firearm. Our transfer service fee is $25.00